Schengen Visa

Starting my first entry in this travel journal. We’ve come a long way since planning the start of our adventure!

Most recently, Mark got approved for his Schengen visa. The process was a bit nerve-wracking, but in actuality the interview was the easiest part. The hardest part was coming up with the itinerary (121 days of travel!), booking 18 hotels, and submitting 5 flights, 11 trains, and 2 buses as part of our journey. I had learned very late that the Schengen visa is only valid for the number of days you request. Earlier, for simplicity’s sake, I had stated that we would only be in Germany for 2 weeks, assuming Mark would automatically get a 90-day visa. Wrong! Hence I scrambled to complete our full itinerary. We also had to scramble to get traveler’s insurance, as Mark’s health insurance during sabbatical would not cover us abroad.

Getting the Schengen visa was a huge weight off our shoulders, and now we can focus on getting him that UK visa. We have to get biometric fingerprints next week and mail it off to the embassy in NYC. You’d think that a country as popular as the UK would have consulates all around the US, right?

We are still awaiting our background check records from the FBI. I had foolishly written a cashier’s check to the Dept. of Treasury instead of the Treasurer of the US. Hope that doesn’t cause a huge delay in processing…



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