At the UK Visa Office

Who knew applying for a UK visa would be a bit complicated? Actually it’s not, we just neglected to read all instructions!

While at the USCIS office in Santa Ana, the security guard told Mark that he didn’t bring our booking confirmation for his biometrics appointment. We were confused, because we thought that the email confirmation notice was our booking confirmation–but it’s not. We needed a sheet with a barcode from the Visa4UK website itself, something that the security guard mentioned was a very common blunder people made.

We rushed over to the nearest FedEx and printed out his booking sheets. Fortunately, the British embassy doesn’t require much paperwork like the German consulate did. The only hassle is that there is only one British embassy in the entire US! And it happens to be in NYC. I think Mark ended up paying close to $100 just to buy postage and a return envelope just so we could get his visa on time.

Just 6 weeks and counting!



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