UK Visa Approved!

Mark finally got his UK visa approved, so this clears the way for us to finally book our flights and accommodations. Luckily, Morocco and Turkey issue visas upon arrival, so we don’t have to worry about those beforehand.

Managed to finally sell our couch yesterday, after posting it on Craigslist for 2 months. I think we’ll be keeping our mattress though. Preparing to sell my desk.

Unfortunately, plans for lending my car out to someone fell through, so I will need to figure out a solution on what to do with my car. I guess out strongest option at this point is to go ahead and drive it all the way to Boston, otherwise I will need to see if I can leave it in a friend’s garage. I did some research on the cost of storing a vehicle in SoCal, and the numbers are ridiculous:

Self-storage: $380/month
Driving from San Fran to Boston: $320 gas
Flying from San Fran to Boston: $180/person

So the cost of flying vs driving is about the same, except that driving is 44 hrs straight, not including possible detours we will take. But on the flip side, we do get to see the US and possibly monuments we’ve never gotten a chance to see. It could be an adventure, but eat into the cost of our Eurotrip.



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