Selling Our Stuff

Things I have learned about selling stuff via eBay or Craigslist over the past 5 months:

eBay &
– Best for: movies, video games, books, toys, certain clothes, collectibles
– Pros: Set it and forget it; easy to deal with customers; little interaction; don’t have to shift your schedule to accommodate sellers
– Cons: Seller fees & shipping charges can eat into your profits; customers may take a while to pay for items; going to the post office is a daily routine; sometimes you need to find a box big enough to fit your items.

– Best for: furniture, electronics, sporting goods, vehicles
– Pros: instant money; get rid of big items fast; local buyers; no fees
– Cons: lowballers; flakes; always need to adjust your schedule; dealing with people can be scary or a pain in the ass (but 80% are ok to deal with)

In hindsight, I wish I had utilized eBay sooner, rather than the 1st week of August. I may have sold a ton of things sooner and been able to have gotten rid of a bulk of my games & movies. is not bad, it’s just not as widely publicized as eBay. I do enjoy using it though, the payment is immediate, there’s no waiting for auctions to end, and it’s free to list items (eBay only allows you 50 free listings per month, after that it’s 30 cents per listing.)



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