Foldable Water Bottles

Mark & I were walking around a sports store the other day, and came across a clearance sale. One of the items we saw was a plastic bag being marketed as a water bottle. At first I thought, “what a ripoff”. Then I thought, “That’s actually a good idea! But still a ripoff for the price.” It actually inspired us to look into Capri Sun-style drink containers.

Instead of carrying hard plastic water bottles that take up space in our bags, Mark & I opted to pack foldable/collapsible water bottles instead. Lightweight, and you can roll them up and tuck them away. I am tempted to use one foldable bottle to store my shampoo & soap (I currently have 4  small bottles), but I’m not sure how I’d get through security with that. The smallest bottle I’ve seen is 18oz, the largest being 32oz. They are freezable as well, so if you needed to go hiking through a desert and wanted cold water or an ice pack, these would definitely be the way to go.

The huge plus is that they are cheap! You can easily find them on Amazon or at Walmart for less than the cost of a Frappucino at Starbucks.

Water2go Foldable Water Bottle Assorted Colors

REI also has a small selection of Platypus and Vapur bottles (two popular foldable water bottle brands), but those were at least $10 each.

Vapur Element Water Bottle, 1-Liter, Water
Platypus PlusBottle, 1 Liter with Closure Cap



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