Ancient Egyptian Art @ Museum of Fine Arts

Went to the Museum of Fine Arts today, since it’s free to the public after 4pm on Wednesdays (normally it’s $25, or free to Bank of America customers). Totally worth it! However, we got there at 8pm and they close at 9:45, so it was a bit of a rush (possible foreshadowing of things to come in Europe?).

So, with time constraints in mind, we went to the section of art we knew we wouldn’t get much of a chance to see – Art of the Ancient World. We both want to visit Egypt & Greece quite badly, but due to current sociopolitical situations in both countries, it’s probably not a good idea at this time. Instead, we had a good time looking through ancient artifacts found in tombs from both locations, many of them actually quite well-preserved. There were also a few mummies and coffins available for viewing.


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