Electronics Packing List for Overseas Travel (2013 Edition)

Since Karen and I are only bringing our backpacks to Europe we had to pack light. A full packing list will be forthcoming, but I wanted to share a mini-list focused on electronics first.

Hopefully it helps other tech light travelers on what to bring overseas. 🙂


+iPad and Case*
+Samsung A157 – unlockable cheap GSM phone w/ SIM card
+Nintendo 3DS with circle pad**

+Vivitar, 2 USB port charger (euro and iPad friendly)***
+International travel power adapters (3 regions)

+USB iPad cable
+USB to Micro USB cable for SIM phone
+Daiso USB iPhone retractable cable****
+Daiso USB Nintendo 3DS cable
+Daiso Cable organizers (3)

+Earbuds w/ mic
+Audio Mini-jack splitter

+Daiso Plastic Storage Bag


* iPad and Case – This is a Trident Kraken case (AMS-NEW-iPad-BK). I had a fancy OEM Apple foldable case and it did not protect the glass display from shattering from a 2 foot drop while in a backpack! I got a free new iPad from Apple (long story) and threw this case on it. It feels way more secure and I have more confidence leaving it in a backpack when traveling.

** Nintendo 3DS – Still haven’t decided on bringing the 3DS overseas. I’ve kept it while traveling in the States, but it’s kinda heavy and I’ve rarely had time to play. I may have to give up the idea of having a 100 level rank Monster Hunter and a massive international StreetPass village, at least for this trip ;P

*** Vivitar 2-Port USB Charger – This is actually my second charger, the first was a Skiva 4-Port QuadFire which totally fell apart after a month of regular use. Skiva is not recommended. So far it’s been a month and this Vivitar charger (VIV-AC-3A) has held up and it’s good for what we need.

Quick specs: 100-240V + 3.0 amp + plug adapters = great for traveling Europe w/ iPad.

**** Daiso Travel Products – We should probably give Daiso Japan’s travel products it’s own post for how cheap and useful it’s been. For people unfamiliar, it’s a Japanese dollar store. Everything is just $1.50USD, designed in Japan, but likely made in China. For this list specifically we’ve bought retractable USB cables, cable organizers, screen protectors, audio splitter, and storage bags.

Another thing worth mentioning is the lack of laptop or sophisticated camera on this list. While our iDevices may not be the most robust computers or have the highest megapixels, they cover the basics of what we want. We explored ideas of combining ultralight net books, wi-fi enabled cameras, and mini tablets, but pound for pound an iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch (for Karen) has worked for the two of us and is lighter on our backs. I don’t consider myself an Apple fanboy, but it’s nice to have the frictionless versatility that they offer. Also since these devices have limited storage capacity, we’ve been heavily reliant on the cloud, both Google Drive and iCloud, but perhaps that’s another post. 🙂

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