London – “I saw that in a movie!”

by Karen

Since much of the day was spent looking at paintings in the Tate Britain museum, we had to figure out what else to do with our time since a lot of attractions on our list closed at 6pm.

In the interest of exploring the town and doing something for free (minus subway costs), we decided to look up places we’d seen or heard in movies and do the touristy-snapshot thing.

– MI6 (James Bond)
– Platform 9 3/4 (Harry Potter)
– 221B Baker St. (Sherlock Holmes)

I’d already mentioned MI6 in a previous post.

Platform 9 3/4 was actually very cheesy (not complaining!), but still nice to visit if you are a big Harry Potter fan. It is located inside King’s Cross station (easily accessible by subway), and near Platform 9, 10, 11. It’s even listed on the train station map.

There’s a tiny Harry Potter gift shop hidden away in a corner of the station, and next to it is a giant wall with a placard on it that says “Platform 9 3/4”. Underneath it, there’s a baggage cart embedded in the wall. There are also two attendants, one with a camera, and one with scarves. Photo op!

There are two possible locations you can visit for Sherlock Holmes’ residence. If you’ve watched the current Sherlock series on BBC, then you’ll be happy to know that the actual filming location is near King’s Cross station. You can either walk or take the subway to Euston station (honestly, just walk, it’s so close). There’s a street near the station called North Gower St. Go there, and you’ll notice a cafe called Speedy’s. The door to the left is where Sherlock’s front door is located (#187). The normal door gets replaced with the 221B door during filming though. When we got there, there were no indications whatsoever that it was Sherlock’s neighborhood. (Here’s a better site with directions.)
Now the real 221B Baker St. is quite easy to find. Just get off at the Baker St. train station, the front door is right next to a pub and museum.

Some random photos from the rest of our “Londywood” tour:




Random tidbit: the Baker Street underground station happens to be the oldest in London.


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