London – MI6

by Karen

If you’re like me, and watched a lot of James Bond movies growing up, you’re probably familiar with MI6, which is the British equivalent of the CIA. (In fact, ***SPOILER ALERT*** MI6 was blown-up during a scene in Skyfall.)

On our way to Tate Britain, we decided to take a quick stroll to visit the MI6 building. However, it’s not marked on any of the maps of London (understandably). To get there, take the subway to Vauxhall station and walk towards the Thames. Going north across the river, MI6 will be on your right on the south bank. It’s the large stone & teal glass building.




2 thoughts on “London – MI6

  1. The curse of modern architecture! So confused. Seems to have no idea what it wants to be… Classic? Modern? Planes? Rectangles? Curves? Yes to all the above! Architectural potpourri!

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