About Us

Hello! We are Mark & Karen. We’ve decided to take a break from our careers in video game development in order to fulfill our dream of backpacking around the world. For now, we’ll just start with Europe. =) We set up this blog for the purpose of keeping in touch with our friends and family during our travels, and hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!

During Christmas 2012, we were on a staycation back in Southern California. We thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we just took a year off and traveled around the world? We didn’t have anything holding us back, really. We don’t own a house, we don’t have kids or pets, and we didn’t have any debt. We both had jobs (well Mark still has his), and we’re in good health. So why not? And thus we set our plan into action. 🙂

What started out as an ambitious plan to travel the world in a year, slowly morphed into backpacking across Europe for 6 months. We’d done the requisite planning, signing up for credit cards, reading travel blogs, researching sites, applying for visas, health inspections, etc. We also began the long, arduous task of selling off a majority of our furniture and items (the rest is either locked up in a storage unit or graciously safeguarded in our friends’ homes). Without their help, and the help of so many others, we would not be able to realize our dream of seeing the rest of the world.


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