Leaving California behind, Boston-bound!



Downtown Mountain View, CA

Goofing around at the library in downtown Mountain View.

This reminds me of…

While at the Embarcadero in San Francisco today, we sat on a bench near a street performer playing folksy music.

Me: This area reminds me of [Disney’s] California Adventure park.

Mark: Don’t you mean the other way around?

Me: …oh yeah…

For those who are unfamiliar with California Adventure theme park, there is a large section of the park that replicates famous buildings and landmarks from San Francisco. (Hence the irony that the real thing would remind me of the replica.)

A Day at Big Basin

First we hiked the Redwood Trail Loop (approx. 1 mile), which was quite nice, lots of trees on display. That was a pretty short hike, so we decided to move along and hike the Sequoia Trail (approx. 1.7 miles one-way), which would’ve ended with a nice view of the Sempervirens Falls.

It was actually a disappointing hike. I guess I expected a nice walk through the woods, completely cut off from civilization, totally immersed in nature! The trail was actually bordering a paved driveway with lots of cars passing by. A bit distracting, and makes you tempted to walk alongside a nicely paved, flat road than a gnarly dirt path.

But, the payoff would be the nice waterfall at the end, right? Wrong! Turns out the waterfall was merely a stream, and mostly dried out. It was quite a letdown, but at least we got some decent exercise out of the whole deal.

On the way to Pescadero (small town next to the ocean), we drove along more winding forest roads, and saw beautiful vistas of the Bay Area, from San Francisco all the way down to San Jose.

Pescadero itself was very small, a bit of a tourist trap, and we ate at a small tavern (the only restaurant in town, actually). The food wasn’t very impressive.

All in all, a good day for a nature walk!


Driving Through Big Basin

Peaceful drive through the Redwood forests. Longest stretch of narrow winding road I’ve ever driven on, lasted for approx 30 miles. We never actually got to drive through a redwood tree though, I think that’s in Sequoia Nat’l Park.

Redwood Trail @ Big Basin Park

Redwood Trail @ Big Basin Park

These pictures don’t do the trees any justice. They are giant mythical creatures. Humans are but mere peons to them, they’ve seen everything. They can even survive being in a fire! Hollowed-out trees have been burned, and yet they still stand and grow.

Big Basin Redwood Adventure – Panoramas

Karen and I went to Big Basin today. One of the things I missed the most when I was living in SoCal were the Redwood trees. I love the smell of them and their massive scale. Flat 2D images do not do them justice, but these gyroscopic enabled panoramas help!

Karen inside a big Redwood

Very tall Redwood on the way to Sempervirens Falls

Mother of the Forest (Redwood Trail)

Karen over looking the valley.

Images taken with iPhone4 and 360 Panorama app.