MIT Museum

Spent the afternoon at the MIT Museum. The bottom floor has different kiosks about current research projects happening at MIT. The second (MUCH bigger) floor is quite large and houses many neat exhibits, such as kinetic sculptures, holograms, a hadron collider photo gallery, and everyday household inventions.

All-in-all a neat place to visit, we finished it in 3.5 hrs. Admission is $10 per adult, but if you show a Charlie Card / Ticket, you can get a 2-for-1 deal.

A pencil that grows into a plant when you add water. The purpose is to recycle old pencils. The water dissolves the outer shell, revealing a seed underneath.

A spider bot

Kismet, a social robot

“Thinking Chair” by Arthur Ganson

Robotic arm

Original Polaroid prototypes made out of paper



Ancient Egyptian Art @ Museum of Fine Arts

Went to the Museum of Fine Arts today, since it’s free to the public after 4pm on Wednesdays (normally it’s $25, or free to Bank of America customers). Totally worth it! However, we got there at 8pm and they close at 9:45, so it was a bit of a rush (possible foreshadowing of things to come in Europe?).

So, with time constraints in mind, we went to the section of art we knew we wouldn’t get much of a chance to see – Art of the Ancient World. We both want to visit Egypt & Greece quite badly, but due to current sociopolitical situations in both countries, it’s probably not a good idea at this time. Instead, we had a good time looking through ancient artifacts found in tombs from both locations, many of them actually quite well-preserved. There were also a few mummies and coffins available for viewing.

Definition of a snack

K: I want a snack.
M: Where should we eat?
K: Let’s get a burger.
M: A burger isn’t a snack though.
K: Let’s split it. Half a burger is a snack!


Exploring MIT Campus

Exploring MIT campus.

Walking Around Old Stomping Grounds

Walking around old stomping grounds


Can’t believe Walgreens has walk-in travel immunizations. If I’d have known earlier, I would’ve saved myself time from scheduling doctors’ appointments and just going there directly. Lesson learned!

I’m starting to think we might’ve needed to start our immunizations sooner. Hep A & B sound like they are a series of shots, rather than one shot, so we might need several trips to the doctors’ office. Hopefully we can continue our shots in Boston.


More flights booked

Flight to San Jose booked! Leaving Sept 1st at night on Virgin (I’m excited) after Mark finishes his last wing-chun class. Charleen has kindly agreed to take us to LAX.

We’ve also decided to go ahead and fly Delta round-trip from SFO without any stopovers. Sucks that we won’t be taking advantage of the free stopover, but I’m sure we’ll get chances later. It’d be too stressful to visit another location while we go towards Boston, and we’ll be too busy settling back into our Cali life to think about visiting another place. We’ll need to find an apartment again and grab our vehicles from Sam’s. Hopefully Mark will still have his job, and I can find one once I return!

At least we are taking advantage of our free US stopover on AA, we’ve decided to go to Miami for 3 days.

We also decided to reshuffle our itinerary a bit, since we have to depart from Barcelona anyways, we might as well go to Spain last after Turkey. We’ll most likely fly to Morocco after France and cut Salzburg, Vienna from our trip, since we are almost maxed out on Schengen days and need some buffer room.