Cats of Ephesus

by Karen

I’m starting to sense that there are large numbers of stray cats all along the Mediterranean. In contrast to the ones I’ve seen in Morocco, the strays in Italy and Turkey are big! They are very well-fed and well taken care of. The ones in Ephesus are incredibly smart as well, they know the exact pillar or podium to stand on in order to get your attention, and they all seem to magically pose for your photos. In Dubrovnik, we saw two people in different areas feed stray cats with large cans of meat from a market.








Dubrovnik, Croatia (a.k.a. King’s Landing)

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Dubrovnik Photo Dump – This pretty little town sits on the edge of the Adriatic in Croatia. Do the buildings look familiar? It’s actually the set/model for King’s Landing in Game of Thrones. And they have really good ice cream!